About the Rosalie Writers Festival 2015

In what form will the writers of the future publish their work? Will there still be books? Will writing become more interactive? How will writing be taught in the classroom?

The Pixels & Paper 2015 Rosalie Writers Festival will bring together students, their parents and teachers to meet fabulous authors and illustrators and explore the reading and writing of the future, now.

From Tuesday the 19 May to Thursday the 21 May, Rosalie will come alive with a three day extravaganza of authors, illustrators, story tellers, poets and song writers. Every student from Kindy to Year 6 will be meeting authors and learning new skills at workshops held each day.

Involving the entire family in writing is important for developing children’s literacy skills.

As parents/carers you have an important role in supporting children to write. Writing is a wonderful way for children to express themselves. Quite often people will keep a treasured piece of writing from their childhoods, but rarely do they do the same with maths or comprehension sheets.

There are a number of activities planned throughout the year that bring families together and enable everyone to be involved. There will also be opportunities for you to see how technology can assist in the creative writing process.

Mark these dates in your diary:



11 thoughts on “About the Rosalie Writers Festival 2015

  1. Helen Krynen says:

    Hello to everyone at Rosalie! Greetings from Banff, Canada! I am writing to wish you all a very successful Rosalie Writers Festival 2015. It is such a wonderful opportunity for our Rosalie students to engage with local Western Australian authors & has always been a marvellous community event. I send the whole school community my very best wishes & I will be thinking of you all.
    Helen Krynen

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  2. Celena says:

    Helen, so wonderful to see your lovely message! We hope you’re having a great time in Canada but I also want to let you know we have missed you!

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  3. Ros Kay says:

    I am very much looking forward to my very first Writers Festival and by the very detailed program, I know I will not be disappointed! Celena and the committee you have done an amazing job!

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